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Our principal business is to sort, organize, photograph and catalog entire estates into auctions that bring top prices from buyers spanning the globe. In short, we have the expertise and the experience to separate the wheat from the chaff at our online auction house.

This is a typical view of how our process starts (sorting)

Our Work for Every Estate

Although there are many elements to what we do, in a nutshell, our job is to come into the home and sort through every single item that is on the property and that is for sale, evaluating and organizing everything in preparation for the auction. Our extensive know-how allows us to do this quickly and confidently. While we will hold your loved ones in our hearts while we work, we are also not weighed down by the memories that come with every item.

Our Process

We are focused and deliberate in our tasks at every auction site. Over the course of a job, we will attempt to sell everything in the home, and will keep you apprised of every step in the process, including important dates.

  1. We separate out the items, putting lower-value items into group lots while the best items are highlighted on their own.

  2. Once lots are made, we prepare and photograph photograph each lot thoroughly.

  3. We catalog the auction, writing titles and descriptions for each lot.

  4. We post the auction online for bidding. Our auctions are typically timed, and count down for 7 to 10 days.

  5. We advertise the auction to our extensive list of past bidders, as well as to those who may be interested. Our advertising efforts are extensive and worldwide.

  6. Once the auction is done, we email the winning bidders with the pickup address and time range (typically in one or two days). The address is only sent to winning bidders.

  7. Our team then comes to the home and handles all aspects of the buyer pickup: collecting the money, handing out the auction items and making sure the auction pickup is a safe, smooth process.

  8. At the same time as the above step, we also load up all of the orders we are shipping (at the buyer’s expense). We hold 80-100 sales per year and take pride pulling these off without issue for our clients. We’ll also send you a detailed breakdown of the results.

  9. The final result: All items of value in the home are sold for top prices, and are removed from the home.

  10. Next, if requested, we proceed to the cleanout phase of our work.

  11. We pay out the proceeds of the auction to the estate.

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