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At Burns Auction & Appraisal, our highly knowledgeable staff and intense attention to detail have given us the skills necessary to handle even the most overwhelming estates. No matter the needs an estate presents, we know how to make it as manageable and stress-free as possible, while making ourselves available to the client at all times.

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Our Team

Of course, we couldn’t do any of what we do without our outstanding staff. Our team members wear many hats, as they help with all facets of what we do. They are knowledgeable in antiques, collectibles and other items. They are hard-working, and serve the role of movers as we help our buyers load what they have purchased. They are customer service representatives, helping customers and consignors solve any issues with patience and a smile. They are compassionate and courteous, working with consignors who are often stressed, grieving and nervous.

Our liquidations and cleanouts are often exhausting, tedious tasks – and they get the work done. As a cherry on top, everyone on our staff has a background that lends itself to this work, whether it is holding an auction license or a degree in fine arts, or having wheeled and dealed in antiques and collectibles for decades.

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