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Some of Our Past Estate Auctions

At Burns Auction, we hold 80-100 online estate auctions per year. To show you what we do best, we’ve laid out a few of our largest and most complex projects – where our clients were beyond overwhelmed and we handled everything, maximizing the value of what was in the home but also leaving it broom clean in the end. Not every project is this huge, but many are! We can handle it!

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Herrick Avenue

This was a true hoarding situation, with an extreme amount of debris in the home – approximately 20 tons worth (that’s 40,000 lbs.). But mixed into all of this was also about $200,000 worth of valuable art, classic cars, desirable furniture and unusual collectibles.


The task at hand, initially, was to sort the true trash from anything we thought we could sell. This was accomplished by taking truck after truck of trash out of the property until we could work with the valuable contents underneath. Our staff knows what is trash, what has modest value and what may be very valuable. We used that expertise here to take care of this job. Salable items were set aside and we disposed of the rest. Unfortunately, not much could be donated because of a major mouse infestation. 

Once we had 80 percent of the debris cleared, we could begin sorting the salable items into auction lots we could photograph. 

Auction Time

We were then able to auction all of the items of value – and for big money! Everyone was thrilled with how much money we were able to get out of the items of value in the home.

Sold For
Sold For
Sold For

We then finished the cleaning of the house. Our client (power of attorney for the owner, who had moved to assisted living) did not require a deep cleaning, and so stopped us once we performed a superficial vacuum and sweeping. The house was going to be gutted, so it was not necessary to go further.


After we were done, the home was quickly sold by our client to some real estate investors. Our clients need only to put us to work; we handled the rest! You can see our work in the video below.

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