Fine Art Estate Auction Services

Artwork is everywhere. But what is worth money and what isn’t? You might have a good sense of a piece of art’s value when you were the one who bought it, or you know who created it – but when you’re seeing it for the first time in someone else’s collection, all bets are off. When that happens, Burns Auction & Appraisal is here to help.

But is it (Valuable) Art?

Many pieces of art are purely decorative. That means they don’t have a great deal of value. In other words, they can be sold, possibly even for a respectable price, but you’re not going to retire on the money you make from it. Still, though, some pieces of art are worth a great deal of money, and it’s not unthinkable that the art you found in an estate is one of those.

How It Works

How Can You Be Sure?

So: How do you go about getting an answer to your questions about a piece of artwork’s value? And once you have that answer, where do you even begin marketing it? We can help with all of it. Members of our team know the signs to look for when it comes to determining a piece’s potential value, and we have the connections to confirm what we can’t determine entirely on our own. If it’s worth something – or a whole lot of something! – we’ll figure it out.

What We Do

From there, we’ll handle the entire process of assessing relative value and finding the artwork a new home, if desired. We know how to sell art at auction, and we’ve got you covered! The experts at Burns Auction will:

  • Identify the piece and the artist who created it
  • Appraise it to get a sense of its true value
  • Take great photos, ensuring it looks its best to any potential buyer
  • Market to collectors around the world to find find someone interested in making it part of their collection

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