Estate Coin Appraisal & Sales

Burns Auction has sold thousands of coins, from ancient Roman to 1850s California gold, from common silver dollars to 18th century Colonial rarities. Whether it’s just a few or a large collection, we can help by appraising the coins and selling them at an online vintage coin auction.

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Selling Your Estate Coins

There are tons and tons of retail businesses that go out of their way to remind you that, yes, they’ll buy your old coins. Can you roll into a coin shop and sell them all in one fell swoop? Sure. But they’re under no obligation to pay you a fair price, or to tell you if there is a real treasure hiding among the more mundane pieces in a box of coins. If they want, they can buy your coins at a bargain price and then sell them for a pretty penny – to coin a phrase.

How It Works

Get a Good Value with Burns Auction

At Burns Auction & Appraisal, we do not buy coins at all. We only sell on your behalf. Our top priorities are figuring out what your coins are truly worth, and then getting you the price you deserve from collectors and dealers around the world.

What We Do

When we have coins to sell from a client’s estate, we make collectors compete at auction, resulting in top prices. For coins, when it comes to value, it’s all about condition, mintage, year and type. Let us sort it all out for you so we can get top prices.

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