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If you don’t know what’s what in the estate, you need someone who does. Or, better yet, a team of such experts. The staff at Burns Auction are knowledgeable, well-trained pros at sorting estates so that the value of everything in the home is maximized. We have countless stories of finding treasures in plain sight, much to the excitement of everyone involved – especially our consignors! 

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Coins are among the types of item heirs and executors commonly find in estates, but getting a fair price for them isn’t easy. Google “stores that buy coins near me” and you’ll come back with a list a mile long – but how many of them will look closely at what you have to offer and pay you anywhere near what it’s worth? At Burns Auction, we know all the signs to look for when it comes to assessing value, and we don’t buy anything; instead, we put the word out to collectors, ensuring your coins are sold for a good price.


Is that piece of art you found in an estate purely decorative, or is it the rare piece of lost art that’s highly valuable? Figuring that out on your own is incredibly difficult for someone without any expertise, so work with someone who does! The team at Burns Auction will identify the work and its artist, appraise it, take plenty of photos to make it look fantastic, and then reach out to collectors around the world to bid on it at auction.

Tools & Machinery

We’ve encountered innumerable estates that came with huge collections of tools, from the most common to the most specialized, and ensured they were sold for the highest prices possible. Our tool estate sale services extend to larger machines: Think farm and landscaping equipment. We can get that looking good and sold for top dollar, too.


Given the number of firearms reported in the U.S. today, there’s every possibility that any given estate will contain them – maybe just one, maybe several, maybe a whole collection. We can help you evaluate the guns in an estate to figure out their potential value, and as a federally licensed firearms dealer can sell them safely for you as well. 


Just about every estate of reasonable size has some jewelry in it. But if that jewelry has been sitting untouched for decades, figuring out what it’s worth – or even what it’s made of – is a heavy lift. Work with us to get your estate jewelry assessed and appraised, finding out exactly what types of precious metals and stones are in each piece, and then sold for top dollar.


Whether they come from an estate or not, vehicles are among the trickier items to sell due to the paperwork required, mechanical inspections and ever-changing marketplace. On top of that, if you come into possession of a car from an estate, there’s every possibility that it’s in less-than-ideal condition. That’s no problem for Burns Auction, though. No matter what kind of vehicle it is, we can get it looking ship-shape, take extensive photos and videos, and then handle all the hassles of selling it for you.

Antiques & Collectibles

Everyone who’s found a cache of old collectibles in a parent’s or grandparent’s house has wondered whether any of it is worth anything, but often, even an in-depth Google search turns up inconclusive results. When you work with Burns Auction, though, you can get a much clearer picture of which older items are valuable and which are only good for nostalgia. From dishes and action figures to musical instruments and military memorabilia, we know how to pinpoint a probable value and bring out the buyers who’ll be most interested.

Everything Else

In order to offer our clients the best estate auction services possible, we commit a considerable amount of energy to keeping track of what’s hot in the market. We work hard to understand what has value to ensure you get as much money out of the estate as possible, and in the highly unlikely event you bring in something we’re not familiar with, we’ll learn everything there is to know about selling it at lightning speed. 

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