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At Burns Auction, we specialize in taking care of the most overwhelming of estates. From high-end items and rare antiques to knick-knacks and seemingly random stuff, we sell entire estates via online auction for top prices to buyers both local and worldwide, then clean out whatever is left, making life substantially easier and less stressful for heirs and executors.

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Every estate has valuable items – both obvious objects and treasures hiding in plain sight. We are knowledgeable and thorough, leaving no stone unturned as we sort through every box, nook, cranny, pile and closet in our quest to maximize the value of what is in the home. Once items are identified and catalogued, we market them aggressively to our large bidder base both locally and around the world. Don’t leave things to chance; hire an expert to manage your estate liquidation needs.

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Our unparalleled expertise and proven process allow us to coordinate large-scale auctions with a minimum of fuss for you. Because we hold most of our auctions online only at the estate, there are no moving or storage fees. You also maintain possession of all items throughout the process. Don’t have enough for an entire estate auction? We also accept select consignments for our higher-end quarterly gallery auctions at our facility.

No job is too big. We do not get overwhelmed. This is what we do. We transform jam-packed estates into empty, clean homes that are ready for sale.


In addition to selling everything of value, we also offer complete estate cleanouts as an optional, but often requested, service. While most things sell in our auctions, leftover trash, debris and unwanted items can be quickly disposed of or donated. We are also happy to vacuum, sweep and wipe down surfaces. ​The transformations are often incredible! We have hauled from a single pickup truckload to more than 20 tons of trash from a single home (after selling everything of value!), turning the home into a market-ready property.

Who We Are

We at Burns Auction are proud to have a team of diligent, highly knowledgeable professionals working at our estate liquidation company. In addition to being undisputed experts in their fields, our team members are also experts in dealing with clients who are going through difficult periods in their lives, serving with empathy as well as with skill. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness, working to always be available to clients.

A Passion for Compassion

To be sure, the huge physical tasks associated with estates are a major undertaking. But we also realize that a host of complex emotional challenges are often at hand as families strive to deal with grief, loss and one another. We understand. We work hard to put everyone at ease, answering all questions and concerns and going the extra mile to ensure that family members are comfortable with our process.

We Believe in Giving Back

A kitchen table. Pots and pans. A mattress to sleep on. It’s easy to take these things for granted. But some don’t even have these basic items.

Burns Auction is uniquely positioned to help. Each year, we donate thousands of pounds of clothing, furniture, household goods and more from home cleanouts. If it can be used by the needy, it should not go to the dump. Useful items that didn’t get bids will find new use helping those in need, and you will receive a donation receipt.

We donate to charities including Volunteers of America, Habitat for Humanity, Goodwill, the Salvation Army and smaller local charities recommended by our clients. Businesses can “do well by doing good,” and we’re committed to this philosophy.

From our Family to Yours

Hello! My name is Adrian Burns and I founded Burns Auction in 2011. As a family-owned small business, our commitment is to treat you like we would treat a member of our own family. My core philosophies are to provide top-level customer service, to execute our services at the highest possible standard, and to carry with us a sense of compassion and goodwill. We know very well how stressful, sad and overwhelming dealing with an estate can be. Respect for you, and for the memory of your loved one, is paramount both to me and to all those that I employ. Nothing makes me happier than a satisfied customer. Let me know how we can help.

- Adrian Burns
Adrian Burns

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