Burns Auction & Appraisal LLC BBB Business Review

Our process is very simple and straightforward.

1. You are responsible for emptying an estate. A home and/or outbuildings are crammed, and you're overwhelmed.

2. You call us, we come out and perform a free evaluation of the task at hand.

3. We propose a plan to sell the contents of the estate online, and dispose of what is left.

4. We sort the entire estate's contents, lot each item or group of items, and photograph each lot.

5. We catalog the lots in the home, and post the auction online.

6. Hundreds of bidders from the local area and around the world bid on the estate's items.

7. On pickup day, our team arrives early and prepares for the buyers to pickup.

8. Buyers come and all items are paid for and removed from the home.

9. If required following the auction, we then arrange dumpsters and our work crew to empty what is left, leaving the home broom clean.

10. We write you a check for the proceeds of the sale minus our all-inclusive commission fee.



-Individual consignments

-Homes with only a few items to sell

-Garage sale leftovers

-Estates where everything of value has been removed, leaving only junk



-Estates with a mix of valuable items, household "stuff" and who knows what else


We are straight forward and easy to work with. Our objective is to take the stress and work out of emptying an estate, and your happiness and satisfaction is our chief concern. We're a small, family-run business and we believe in honesty, hard work and openness. If we can help, let us know by calling Adrian Burns at 614-271-3014 or by sending an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Here are a few photos illustrating our past work:

We are not intimidated by lots of stuff. In fact, it's what we do. We can get top dollar for very valuable items (see exciting past sales of note here), but we can also sort and sell everything else. Our client was nervous about even showing us the area seen below. We organized this mess, sold everything you see and it was all taken away by the buyers. This was just a small portion of the giant estate we handled.

More of the sorts of rooms we encounter at the start of the process:

Jumbled areas are carefully sorted for valuables that are sold individually, and items of lesser value are grouped. Each lot gets a tag.

If you're curious about how lots look once they are online, take a look at a few screen shots from an ended auction below. Feel free to also see our past sales page.

Pickup day is when buyers come for their items. Our experienced staff ensures the process is orderly and efficient. While many items are purchased locally, some are bid on and won by bidders from other states or countries. We delivery these items to our shipping partner. Our international exposure drives up prices.

When we're done, rooms are empty! We can dispose of anything that is left over.

Sometimes there is only a small amount of trash and junk left over, sometimes there is a lot. It depends on the estate. We have cleaned some estates with garbage bags, and others with multiple very large industrial dumpsters. Either way, we can leave the home and outbuildings broom clean if you would like us to.