Adrian Burns, certified member, Certified Appraisers Guild of America.

Appraisals are required:

  • To insure personal property

  • When settling, disbursing or conducting an inventory of an estate

  • When dividing assets in the case of a divorce

  • To value collateral when seeking a bank loan

  • When determining losses following a disaster such as a fire, flood or severe storm

  • To ascertain market value of an item for those considering insurance or a sale

Burns Auction & Appraisal conducts appraisals:

  • Throughout Ohio

Burns Auction & Appraisal evaluates all types of personal property, including:

  • Antiques and collectibles

  • Jewelry

  • Vehicles

  • Guns

  • Coins

  • Household goods

  • Tools and machinery

  • Business Assets

  • Artwork

  • Furniture

Clients of Burns Auction & Appraisal will receive:

  • A detailed, standardized, bound and certified appraisal report appropriate for legal, insurance or personal use.

  • Peace of mind knowing that Burns Auction & Appraisal will keep an appraisal report on file permanently as a backup to the client copy

  • A compact disc containing the appraisal report plus extensive photos and video of appraised items - perfect for record keeping and insurance purposes.

Burns Auction & Appraisal appraises personal property using:

  • Extensive knowledge of current market prices

  • Subscriptions to proprietary databases of auction sales results

  • Experience evaluating property based on condition, rarity, demand and countless other factors

  • Up-to-date training and professional standards of the Certified Appraisers Guild of America

To arrange an appraisal or inquire about rates, please contact us.