Adrian Burns

Adrian Burns first began attending auctions in upstate New York as a small child with his grandfather, a lifetime deal seeker and accumulator of old stuff. A surprise discovery of a gold-plated pocket watch in a box of tools and junk planted a seed that would lead to a lifelong interest in rare, unusual, surprising, sentimental and valuable items. It wasn't long before Adrian was working as a ringer, runner and all around gopher at the auction house of a family friend. Adrian often brought home armfuls of items from these auctions and from meetings with old timers.  Adrian's growing collection of tube radios, military items, bottles and other antiques soon began to overflow the shelf space of his childhood bedroom.

The love for the auction, and the stuff, continued to grow as Adrian went off to college, where he received bachelor's degrees in history and journalism. Following his arrival in Northeast Ohio to work as a newspaper reporter, Adrian began selling many of the things he had accumulated as a child - and for good money, too! Soon, Adrian realized he could go out to Ohio's many auctions and buy up the sorts of things he had previously been given and then sell them for a profit to pay off student loans and generally support the thrill of discovery that the antique trade can bring.  Over time, that buying and selling led to sending items to auction, selling at antique shows and later earning an Ohio license as an auctioneer. Eventually, Adrian left his full-time job of nearly seven years as a banking and finance reporter for Columbus Business First to pursue his dream of running his own auction company.

Today, Adrian owns Burns Auction & Appraisal LLC, the culmination of more than 20 years of rarely ever ducking the near constant pull to find, evaluate and sell all manner of items. While antiques are still near and dear to Adrian, he now auctions and appraises a wide variety of items.

Adrian is married to Gretchen Burns, who oversees customer service, photography and the office for Burns Auction. When not working for the auction business, Adrian enjoys golf, fitness and travelling anywhere there is a great beach.

If you need an appraisal or help selling one item, or an entire collection, just contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


Gretchen Burns

Gretchen Burns is married to Adrian, and works full time for Burns Auction. She fills key roles in the management and operations of the business, including customer service, office management and auction photography. Gretchen holds a bachelor's degree in photography from Ohio University, and is a skilled photographer. She typically takes between 4,000 and 5,000 photos per auction - or about 6 photos per item, using professional equipment in a studio that she has built at our offices. Gretchen is endlessly patient, friendly and generally on top of things - helping Burns Auction to run smooth as a top! Gretchen also owns GB Photography, which specializes in newborn, children's, senior and wedding photography. She maintains a studio at 141 S. Columbus St., Suite A, Lancaster, Ohio. When not working at one of her two businesses, Gretchen enjoys gardening, reading and like Adrian, she also loves to travel to the beach.


Cora Burns


Cora Mae Burns - Born 03.17.16